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Welcome and Howdy

We'd love to have you try what Southern Utah has already discovered... goat milk based caramel sauce. We raise the goats. We milk the goats. And, we make the sauce in a commercial kitchen on our farm property. 

We've been in business since 2012, first making sure we had the recipe "down pat". That took a lot of sampling and testing. In 2013, we built our commercial kitchen (inside a 20' shipping container) and began selling our products at the local Farmers' Markets. 

Last we added farm-produced soap to our list of products. Be sure to check out the page of soaps we are currently producing. We make both women and men's scents. Each bar of our soap has better than 1 ounce of goat milk in it. That makes it particularly nourishing for your skin.

This year we added a product for your four-legged friends, both dogs and cats. It is called Paw Wax. Simply apply it to your pet's paw pads. It will keep them nice and supple. Your pet will gain traction on hardwood floors and tile surface.

You are encouraged to select Catalog to find the products.

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