Goat Milk Caramel Sauce - Four Country Gals
Pourable goat milk caramel sauce - Four Country Gals
Goat Milk Caramel Sauce - Four Country Gals

Goat Milk Caramel Sauce (Cajeta)

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This sauce has it's birthright in Celaya, Mexico in the mid 1800's. The original version was very thick and was eaten with a spoon from a little box. It was called "Cajeta". The difference in the goat milk caramel sauce is that this version is made a little bit thinner, so you can pour it over most anything. Our family has tried and liked it over ice cream, apple pie, peach cobbler, chocolate cake, etc.

When you think of caramel sauce, do you immediately think of that thick gooey stuff that tastes incredibly sweet? How about a caramel sauce where you can taste the ingredients (none of which are artificial). Here is a trio of unique gifts that will make you incredibly popular with your friends. They will be asking for more or where you got it.

Our goat milk caramel sauce will keep you craving more. 

We are now making all our sauces in 6 gallon batches (we actually start with 6 gallons of goat milk). However, the yield is much lower, somewhere around 1.5 gallons per batch. We cook the sauce in two gallon batches and literally boil off the water portion of the milk. The result is a rich, thick sauce.

I am particular about our milk, so I personally taste each 1/2 gal of milk before adding it to the pot. The significance is that I don't care for goat milk. I was raised on the nasty canned stuff and the smell and aftertaste are still fresh in my mind 70 years later. So, if there is any "goatiness". it is not used! We feed it to the calves and cats.


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