Covid-19, our story.

Hello folks,

We have not been sitting still during this lockdown. In mid-February, our mama goats began having their babies. We had 22 does due during that time. On some days, we had as many as 3 does in labor at a time.

Long story short, we had 42 kids, 38 of whom survived. They were split about 60/40 females/males. The Good Lord blessed us as 35 kids were sold. We've kept one buck for ourselves, and the last two bucklings will go to new homes very soon.

The last of March, we began milking, with regular milking beginning in April. We had our first inspection in May and began selling raw milk shortly after that.

Our farm is open for visitors. You will find we don't wear masks as the wind is almost always blowing out here. If you wish to visit, you may want to wear a mask, and we are totally okay with that.

Shari began making Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauces in May and right now, she has 9.5 oz bottles available as well as 17 oz plastic squeeze bottles ready for you to purchase. This weekend, she will begin making sauce and bottling it into 12 oz jars (these are replacing the plastic squeeze bottles). It is unfortunate, but there is simply no inventory of plastic available this year. Thanks to the trade war, and the virus.

We have plenty of Paw Wax availble as Bev jumped on the little tin containers early.

Shari will begin making soap in June. She has learned some new techniques this year which should help her to produce better looking products. Also, we will have some new scents, as well as the old favorites.

Somehow, Shari will also find time to completely update this store, making it much easier for you to browse and order and either ship or hold for pickup. It is an exciting time to be a Shopify merchant, as well as a Shopify customer.