About the Four Country Gals

From the left. Shari, Cindy, Mom, and Bev. Together, we are the Four Country Gals.The Four Country Gals are all retired and having a ball. We have created the neatest little farm with goats, bees, donkeys, and gardens. Oh and we take care of Mom's 7 chickens. 

Mom is the head of household, well, actually the kitchen. She prepares all our meals and all the snacks and coffee. We're embarrassed to say we can't even make coffee in "her" kitchen. At  92, she's going strong. Oh, and she actually belongs to Cindy, but has officially adopted each of us.

Bev is the youngest among us, She is a retired police officer, cancer survivor, and part-time bus driver. She keeps all the finances straight, and then does the building projects in her "spare" time.

Cindy is the keeper of the goats and bees. She is in charge of feeding, breeding, milking, and health care of the goats.

Shari is the oldest among the girls and is the web designer, and caramel sauce maker, goat milk soap maker, and paw wax maker. She and Bev also help Cindy out when necessary.

We live on a 10-acre parcel about 18 miles from the nearest little town. We're 45 miles from Cedar City and 60 miles from St. George. Needless to say, we don't just "run to town" for even a loaf of bread.

Our 10 acres is mostly sagebrush, with sand. It's history is that of a potato farm (complete with aqueducts). and lettuce and celery farm. So far, we have reclaimed about 3 acres. In that space we have the house, three large (Bev's project) hoop houses, three shipping containers (one is for storage, one is a workshop (for Cindy), and one is commercial kitchen (Shari), a chicken coop, 6 small goat houses, a taller shelter for the donkeys, and a lean-to barn where the babies live with their mothers, along with beehives.

We love to have company, so any time you're in the area, just give us a call. and we'll give you a tour of our little place. Twist our arms a bit and you could also get a taste of our sauces.

 You will find us at 

DHA Family Farms, LLC aka Four Country Gals

4887 N 400 W

Beryl, UT 84714

Ph: 435-231-1289

 Email: therealshari@gmail.com