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Spiced Up! Carmel Sauce $10 - $16

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This was going to be a "seasonal" item only. We met the guys from Outlaw Distillery at the Utah State Fair. While we couldn't taste the Spiced Rum they made, they did allow us to stick our noses into a sample jar of their spices. Well, that did it! Bev envisioned Pumpkin Pie and we just had to make it. This variety is much like the original, it is a good one for people who don't care for the "hot" spices.

Select the size you want. The 9.5 oz size is in a jar and will make about 8 ice cream sundaes. The 12 and 17 ounce sizes are in convenient squirt bottles.

Just so you know, this won't be fully in stock until the first week of April. We're having to wait for the does to feed their babies for a full 8 weeks.