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Jacked Up! Caramel Sauce $10 - $16

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This it the first variation on the Original Mexican Caramel Sauce. It began as a joke. Brianhead Ski Resort had invited us up for a function, and they fell in love with the only sauce we had. They wanted us to return for another function, so it was suggested that we could make a flavor that "made playful fun of" Brianhead... Jacked Up!, it has added Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and a touch of cayenne. 

Select the size you want. The 9.5 oz size is in a jar and will make about 8 ice cream sundaes. The 11.5 and 17 ounce sizes are in convenient squirt bottles.

Just so you know, this won't be fully in stock until the first week of April. We're having to wait for the does to feed their babies for a full 8 weeks.