Starting into the milking season!

This means our sauces are not far behind. But wait... I might have known, Bev and Cindy have other things to do first. 

I am getting a brand new milk-chiller. It's a 15 gallon size, just right for years to come. That is just fantastic, except for where it must go. I will sit near the front door, which means the table we purchased last year is now too big. So, we have purchased a smaller table to arrive the middle of this month. 

I must move the soap drying setup to the other  side of the kitchen, so we need to replace the two storage racks (6' long) with a single 5' rack. That will also arrive the middle of this month.

So, here is my revised plan of action.

I am now preparing the hot pepper mix for two of our sauces. That consists of toasting the peppers on the grill then de-seeding and veining them. Finally I will grind them into powder. I should complete that job today.

Tomorrow, I should be able to make a first batch of soap. You see, when I received word about the "remodel", I had more to do than simply clear out the dust. I had to place everything in boxes for easy movement.

Enough of my excuses for a production slowdown. I've been "going to school" to figure out what I am doing on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Esty, which means I must also learn Tailwind. Y'all are going to be seeing a lot of us this year.

I should be making sauce by April 15. Oh, and we still have 6 does who are very preggie, and due around then.

Our barn cat also had 5 beautiful kittens last week.