It's baby time. Watch for pictures!

Our first crop of does are now due to have babies any day. Why are we so excited about it? 

For you city-slickers, a doe has to have at least one baby to be able to make milk. Once her baby is done, she still has the ability to give us milk for another 200 or so days. That is the milk we use to make Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauces and our Goat Milk Soaps

Besides that, the babies (kids) are cute. 

So, at the end of March, we will open our kitchen and start off by making several batches of soap. On about the 1st of April, we'll begin making sauce. Now, you may order items that are "out of stock". Just know that we won't ship it until after the first week of April.

Time to be excited. Watch for kid pictures and know that sauce and soap flows in April.