It's a rainy Memorial Day on the desert

However, life continues. It's really strange how we kind of get into a routine that revolves around the livestock.

You may remember, were were milking 9 does last year. Well, we added two of our own second time around mothers. Those are does who have had their second set of kids. That made 11 does to milk. 

Then, Bev went nuts to help out the local Elementary School Principal. It seems his Dad had a small herd of Nubian Goats, a doe with a couple of kids, and one Nigerian Dwarf Buck.  Well, one goat gave us a little doeling. So lets see, we added one milking doe and two little first timers (one who quickly became a mother).

So, we are now milking 12 goats. Later on, we may add some of the first timers, but I personally doubt as we are barely keeping our heads above drowning in goat milk. 

I have made about all the sauce we need for the the summer.

Honey, our Jersey calf.We ran down to the local dairy, and wham, bam, thank you sir... we had a new little girl calf and three brawny boys to feed our excess goat milk. Now if their digestive systems would all settle, we would feel much better.

And the rain continues, we milk rain or shine. That means the goats must walk from their pens to the milk room in the rain. Poor babies, you would think we were abusing them. They get to eat wet hay, because we can't get it into their shelters, except for the little babies and their mothers. 

I know we are very tire of the rain on the desert. We've had at least 10 inches (combined with the water content of the snow) since the first of the year. Hopefully. the sun will shine tomorrow. Then all we'll complain about is the wind.