We have begun making Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauce!

Shari is milking a goat.Finally, after months of letting our girls nurse their young, we have begun machine milking. So far, the girls are giving a reasonable amount of milk, with the results increasing daily.

The girls anxiously await us as we approach the pen with the lead. "Oh, we're gonna go for a  walk. C'mon Cindy, I want to munch a little here and there."

Cindy walking ABCDE to the milk room.

The girls have learned to jump up to the milking stand. Of course a bucket of oats and Chaffhaye doesn't hurt either. They wait for their teats to be washed with a solution of water infused with bleach and iodine. Then a quick check of their milk into the "strip cup". Finally, the machine, which emulates goats sucking on their teats. Big difference now, no sharp baby teeth to bite and cause sores.

After milking it's time for another quick wash and the jump down and walk back to their area.

Double straining the milk.From the milk room, the milk and equipment all goes straight to the commercial kitchen, where the milk is strained again. Yes, our milk is double strained for cleanliness and sanitation.

After that, the milk is chilled to 40 degrees and ready to make Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauce.