What to take… Mom’s stuff could fill a whole truck!

Mom, who had lived on the island with Cindy and Bev for the least amount of time, seemed to have the most stuff.

The kitchen was her domain. So, everything in the kitchen was hers. Rumor has it that until she moved in, Cindy and Bev didn’t eat nearly as well as after she got there.

Mom has virtually every uni-tasking tool, toy, and utensil that’s been produced. Add to that all her multi-tasking tools, bake ware, cook ware, canners, mixers, etc., and you could fill a small trailer.

One of Mom’s most favorite things to do before (and even after) she moved to Put In Bay, was to trek down to Amish Country. There she’d find delicious and tempting spices, baked goods, canned goods, etc. Needless to say, she had a pretty good stash of stuff like spices, popcorn, dried fruit, and assorted canned products. All that had to get packed.

She’s also a “crafter”. She quilts, sews, and makes all kinds of little goodies, so more boxes of fabrics, and crafting supplies.

Since Mom was still recovering from the knee replacement, packing everything fell on Bev and Cindy’s shoulders. Mom was the supervisor. If she said keep it… it got packed. If she said “well, I don’t know”… we’ve not found it yet.

A short while before the actual moving date, Mom went to house sit for a dear friend. According to Cindy, that made it easier to pack what was necessary first, and add the other stuff later.

When it came to the “toys and tools” that Cindy and Bev had, well the question was kind of… will we need this in the desert? That means the little lawn tractor with the snowblower attachment stayed behind… not the best decision they made.

Making arrangements to move when you live on an island accessible only by ferry boat or small plane makes life exciting. In addition to scheduling the movers, they had to ensure that the moving vans were waiting dockside on the mainland for the very first ferry of the day.

On moving day, all they’d have to do is seriously move like crazy to get all the household goods packed into the moving van, the Avalanche (with a 12 foot trailer), and the Blazer in time to get off the island via PRE-RESERVED slots on the last ferry boat out for the day. You see, mid week getting on the island was pretty easy… it was getting off with an 18-wheeler that was a bit tricky.

Oh, and they had the dogs to consider…

Right in the middle of the busiest season of the year, a time when ferry space was hard to obtain, Cindy and Bev had been to the mainland more times than they wanted. One of their dogs, Bree a beautiful young Black Lab had gotten sick. She was losing weight, had been unable to keep food down, and was coughing a lot. She really didn’t look good at all.

The dogs, all four of them… well, except for Koda, the pup, were just a bit “undone” about all this packing stuff… They’d never seen such activity. What was going on, anyhow? In turn, each of the dogs made the trip to the vet with Bree, to get their health exams. After all, what they didn’t know was that they were moving… out of state, and way away from the water.

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