What to do first? Pack or find a place to move to?

Yikes! This is getting scary.

Here they are… Suddenly they’ve sold their property, and have nothing to move to…

Fortunately they’d been packing for the better part of the last two summer seasons and moving stuff to the mainland. Still, there was a lot to do.

They’d made a couple of trips to Utah over the past two years, so at least they had some idea of what was available, and where to look. Thank God for the Internet, a cousin, and cheap long distance phone service.

Bev and Barb (the cousin) started the search. The criteria… at least 5 acres with a house. The house had to have at least three bedrooms, and a fenced yard for the dogs. Oh… and they really wanted it to have a roof, too.

And, they wanted to avoid things like serious repair issues. Earlier they’d fallen in love with a log house that met their criteria. Upon closer inspection, there were split logs which were going to require thousands of dollars repair.

With time running out, the real estate agent asked if they had considered Beryl.

Beryl? Where the hell is Beryl?

There was a place there that had been vacant for about a year. it was just under 10 acres (9.65 acres) and it had a house with three bedrooms, two baths, a full basement, and a walled-in back yard.

Barb and her hubby drove all the way from St George to the middle of nowhere and checked it out. Their comment… “If we were twenty years younger, we’d have snatched this place!”

Barb sent a whole series of pictures of everything from the front of the house to the full basement. After all, Cindy, Bev and Mom would be basing their decision on the pictures. No time or money for yet another trip to check it out.

Well, no matter if it was in the middle of no-where, this fit the ticket! Offers were made. Counter offers were made, and within just a couple of days, Bev, Cindy and Mom had made a deal to buy the place, as is… almost sight unseen.


Whew! Now they could continue to pack and make arrangements for moving.

Remember, they lived on an island… one which was only accessible by ferry boat or small airplane. And… they were packing up over 20 years of stuff accumulated by three women.

What should they do? They had a Chevy Avalanche and a Chevy Blazer to haul stuff. But, only one vehicle, the Avalanche, was set up to tow anything. That meant at the least, they’d have to talk to U-Haul.

Wait, let’s see what a moving company would cost. After all, Cindy was working full-time, Bev was able to pack, but would often tire rather quickly. Mom had gone through knee replacement surgery and was still in the final recovery stages. All she could do was supervise… (more about that later).

Good move to get bids from the moving company. They saved thousands by not using U-Haul, not to mention how much of their own time they’d have used.

So, the packing began…

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3 comments on “What to do first? Pack or find a place to move to?
  1. Kay says:

    I loveit!!! Thanks so much for sharing this. Can’t wait to hear more. How do I subscribe?


  2. I just wanted to stop by and visit your blog. I love the whole idea behind what your doing and though I should leave a comment (boy, it’s hard to get people to leave comments sometimes.. Not sure if people think leaving a comment will hurt or what..but anyway.. here I am)

    So, far I have enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to reading more.

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

  3. Cyndi says:

    Anxiously awaiting the next installment!!

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