Bev and Cindy’s first… but not worst nightmare

Well, the girls have continued to unpack. They’ve more or less gotten their rooms in order, and have made the living room somewhat “livable”.

Time to turn their attention to the kitchen.

Kitchen looking towards back doorThis room is long, narrow, and turns a corner… really a strange setup. The refrigerator is old and small, with only a top freezer compartment. That needs to be replaced, for sure.

Oh well, onward they go…

They start really cleaning things and putting away kitchen stuff, when all of a sudden, they realize there’s water on the floor… uh oh!

Well, it doesn’t take them long to figure out it. Things aren’t right under the kitchen sink.

Oh yuck!

The thingy is disconnected from the what’cha ma’ call it. Yikes… this is serious.

Fortunately, both Bev and Cindy are pretty handy in the plumbing department. It’s not their favorite thing to do what with all the nasty stuff you encounter.

First things first… what the hell is the real problem here?

Oh, now I get it… the garbage disposal is disconnected from the drain line, and what’s worse is… all the piping is rusted.

Next question… who has the strength to bust all this stuff loose? Well that job fell to Cindy, who slithered under the sink and began wrenching it all loose, pipe by pipe. Each time she got one piece loosened, another one broke, until finally…

Bev said “That’s it! We’re replacing all the piping with PVC and then praying the disposal works.”

Several hours later, lots of bad words hurled at the stupid plumbing, and at least one trip to the “now discovered” Enterprise (just 17 miles down the road)  for parts, Cindy pronounced the job… “DONE!”

… All nice and neat with PVC and everything securely in place. So much for their first major “do it yourself” project. There’ll be more to come… you can count on it.

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One comment on “Bev and Cindy’s first… but not worst nightmare
  1. PG says:

    This is fascinating! I’ve just read it all, right from the start, and will be following your progress with

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