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We’ve been feeding Chaffhaye for a week now

You really need to watch our animals to see their love of Chaffhaye.

The goats get into the bucket before we can get into the pen.

The sheep do all but climb over their feeders, as do the milking goats.

What makes it so irresistible?

It could be the kiss of molasses that is sprayed onto the freshly chopped alfalfa, or it could be something far more simple, and something most animals in our valley have never tasted… absolutely fresh alfalfa, cut when it is most nutritious, yet tender and tasty.

I find it very interesting that both goats and sheep are in love with it. After all, sheep are grazers, and I would expect them to love it. Goats, however, are browsers. They are happiest when  allowed to trim our trees, munch on  tumbleweed,  or other miscellaneous weeds on our farm.

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Things we know about our produce and meat…

Are you the least bit curious about where your food comes from? If you’re not, you should be. With all the rumors, misinformation, special interests, it’s very difficult to know exactly what is true, and how it affects you.

Here at DHA Family Farms, aka Four Country Gals, here’s what we know to be true. When you purchase produce from us, it is grown organically. We are Certified Organic, and that means we must track everything, be subject to audit, and testing of both our soil and our plants. We can tell you beyond a shadow of doubt exactly how our produce is raised, and why we believe it is healthy, succulent, safe to eat, and good for you.

Our lambs, goats and rabbits are all raised on our local farm, never leaving us to go “to the mountain”.  We feed 100% alfalfa (generally 2nd cutting),

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It’s the “Year of the Farmer”

So, what does that mean to the Four Country Gals?

To us, it couldn’t come at a better time. As we’re working our butts off to get ready for the market season, race to finish the hoop houses, dive into kidding and lambing, then planting the gardens, settling into the summer routine, it helps to know we have help with all-around marketing, through the “Farmer of the Year” campaign.

For example, take yesterday’s Super Bowl Ad, “So, God Created a Farmer.

God Created a Farmer Click to watch. Share and Dodge will donate to the National FFA (Future Farmers of America.)

We’re Chevy owners. Personally, I’m a Ford person. That ad was good enough to make me temporarily forget what trucks we drive, and want a new Dodge Ram. My Dad used to sell Dodges. I remember,

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Are we done with winter yet?

Enough with this weather! We have goats due to kid  about February 14 with lambing starting in March. We still need to finish the  two hoop houses and  then have to rebuild the  aquaponics system.

Besides that, we’re getting cabin fever.

Sheep in pen
Sheep are ready for breakfast.

Throughout the bad weather, our animals have made us look bad. The sheep insist on sleeping under the  stars, even though they have shelters. When we go out in the morning for chores, there they are, laying in muck. They get  up and  shake the ice crystals off their warm wooly coats and head for the feed.

More often than  not, our heifer has spent the night outside  although she has two covered wind breaks. She sleeps really close to her feed area, in case she wants to snack.

Zena, the Alpine goat has really frustrated us.

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Below zero temps with livestock to feed

Damn! We’re so tired of the below zero mornings while doing chores, only to have to repeat  the process with the windchill below zero in the afternoon.  Mind you, this is an area that routinely hits 100+ degrees in the summer time.

Let me share with you exactly what we do on a typical week day in this weather..

Mom usually starts the day shortly after 5 AM. It’s lights on in the kitchen and check the coffee pot time. Even though the machine is on automatic, Mom doesn’t trust it. We don’t trust that Mom set it right, but that’s another story. The kitchen is her domain until she gives it up.

Bev is next up about 5:30. By shortly before 6:30 she’s out to pre-trip and start the school bus. In below zero weather, all kinds of things can happen. She’s already had two dead batteries,

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  • Goats helping photographer
    Hey, we'd love to help you take your pictures.
  • Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014
    Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014.
  • Cindy feeding Chaffhaye
  • working in the kitchen
    Bev recording milk weights, Shari stirring the Cajeta
  • The first two little doelings.
    The first two little doelings.
  • Mom with Thor
    Mom is cuddling our new buckling, Thor.
  • cargo trailer
    Our Farmer's Market cargo trailer.
  • Hand digging trench
    Shari pitches in and digs up broken water line.


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