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We Have Lambs For Sale Now!

It’s nearly fall and around here, that means it’s time for our lambs to go our customers. This year we 18 lambs. We’ll keep a couple to replace a breeder, and sell the rest. They’re approaching five months of age and weigh about 100 lbs.

Would you like to enjoy our incredibly tender, mild tasting lamb? Here’s how you can enjoy one.

You either have to live in Utah, or come to Utah to pick up your lamb once it’s cut and wrapped. We are selling you a live lamb, and we take it to D9 Custom Cuts in Paragonah as a courtesy to you. D9 processes your lamb to your specification.

This entire process is really easy.

  • You buy either a whole of half lamb. The whole is $200 and a half is $100.
  • We need full payment before the lamb leaves our premises.

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Things we know about our produce and meat…

Are you the least bit curious about where your food comes from? If you’re not, you should be. With all the rumors, misinformation, special interests, it’s very difficult to know exactly what is true, and how it affects you.

Here at DHA Family Farms, aka Four Country Gals, here’s what we know to be true. When you purchase produce from us, it is grown organically. We are Certified Organic, and that means we must track everything, be subject to audit, and testing of both our soil and our plants. We can tell you beyond a shadow of doubt exactly how our produce is raised, and why we believe it is healthy, succulent, safe to eat, and good for you.

Our lambs, goats and rabbits are all raised on our local farm, never leaving us to go “to the mountain”.  We feed 100% alfalfa (generally 2nd cutting),

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Kidding season is upon us

Here it is, not even spring yet, and our first goats are ready to kid. I know, you’d think we smarter than to let animals breed so they have babies when it’s still in the dead of winter.

Well, actually, we are smarter than that. Unfortunately we have a delinquent doe who’s worse than a teenager with raging hormones. Last fall, she got tired of living in her pen with the buck that she grew up with. They had never bred in the previous two years, so we figured she was useless. In fact we were about to send her to the auction.

She and the buck had a terrible argument in the middle of August, and she literally kicked and chewed her way out of her house, squeezed through a tiny fence hole, and took up residence in the Pygmy goat pen. To make a long story short,

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No resolutions, taking action on 2012 plans

Documenting the day… January 1, 2013.

We awoke to negative temps (around -10 or so). These temps are continuing since before Christmas, around zero or so at night and maybe slightly above freezing during the day. It’s not high  enough to melt the snow/ice off the new hoop houses, so all we’re doing outside is chores.

No need for resolutions this year. We have more planned to do than we have time.

Continuing projects from 2012…

Finish the two 52 x 20 double-skinned hoop houses. We got one skin on one house before the  second snow storm, but temperatures have been too low to thaw the drifts that built up against the south side, let alone thaw the frequent snow showers from the top and north side.

Install the pellet stove in the aquaponics greenhouse. I peeked at the fish this morning and they have ice forming on the top of their large container.

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It’s fall, and we’re still going to the Downtown Farmer’s Market

I believe this is the first time we’ve attended a Cedar City Farmer’s Market in the fall for about 5 years (as in our very first year).

The weather has been good to us this year. We’ve also gotten our act together a little better and planted on time, and provided appropriate protection. That means we’ve got fall vegetables today.

For the first time ever, we have super sweet pie pumpkins. These little gems are just right for making a fresh Pumpkin Pie. Stored in a cool place, you should be able to keep them (and they’ll sweeten even more) for a month or so.

Bev has found an awesome head of cauliflower… first one there could get this humongous veggie for a mere $5 bucks. I just weighed it on our bathroom scale and it came in at a whopping 6.4 lbs. I’m dreaming of cauliflower soup.

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  • Goats helping photographer
    Hey, we'd love to help you take your pictures.
  • Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014
    Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014.
  • Cindy feeding Chaffhaye
  • working in the kitchen
    Bev recording milk weights, Shari stirring the Cajeta
  • The first two little doelings.
    The first two little doelings.
  • Mom with Thor
    Mom is cuddling our new buckling, Thor.
  • cargo trailer
    Our Farmer's Market cargo trailer.
  • Hand digging trench
    Shari pitches in and digs up broken water line.


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