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Dreaming about cheese making

Ok so I’m supposed to be retired. So are my housemates. But hey… we’re all boomer women, and there’s just no stopping us… not cancer, not heart surgery, not a lack of money, not even a lack of knowledge.

Here we are, Four Country Gals, with Nubian goats (gift from a neighbor for doing her chores). We have a Certified Organic Produce garden, an Aquaponics project, a dozen or so sheep so we can raise the best lamb you ever tasted, and even some rabbits.

What’s missing from the equation? CHEESE!

I’ve spent the summer making fresh cheese, mostly Mozzarella with our goat cheese. It’s been a hit all around the valley. Only one problem, I can’t sell it because I don’t have a license.

Now in Utah, the license is the easy thing… pay $40 and answer a few questions. No schooling required.

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Neufchatel style cheese, a first time doing this recipe

Last month, I bought Rikki Carroll’s [amazon_link id=”1580174647″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Home Cheese Making[/amazon_link]. It has 75 recipes, which include soft cheeses, hard cheeses, ripened cheeses, and goat cheeses.

Earlier this week,  Mom and I decided that Neufchatel style cheese would be a good idea.

It called for a gallon of milk (I use pasteurized goat milk) and a pint of heavy cream (I used whipping cream). The recipe certainly looked easy enough. Bring the milk and cream to 86 degrees F. Add the starter and only 1 teaspoon of diluted rennet (3 drops)/1/3 cup water.

Here’s where I should have paid more attention…

It was 10:30 in the morning and the next instruction was to set the milk mixture aside at 72 degrees F for 12 to 18 hours. Well, we all go to bed about 9 PM and I don’t get up until 7:30,

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Mozzarella is our favorite cheese

This summer’s cheese is Mozzarella made with 100% fresh, pasteurized goat milk. I will get the perfect recipe/formula by the time I quit milking the goats in October.

What’s so hard you ask?

First off, I’ve not found a recipe especially for fresh goat milk. Most are for cow’s milk, and generally store-bought.

There are a couple of different methods, the “30-minute” and the “2 Day”.

Within each recipe there are many variables.

First is the milk. How fresh is it? I get about 1/2 gallon a day, do generally pasteurize the whole gallon on the second day, chill overnight and use on the third day.

Then there is the citric acid, (used in the 30 minute method). How much to add, when to add (milk temp), how long to wait before applying heat each affect how the milk will curd.

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Curds and whey, the adventures of farmstead personal cheesemaking.

I knew from the day we got goats we’d be making cheese. In my dreams, I would rather have a Dexter cow than our Herferd/Beefmaster. Then I could milk her, too. We’d never have to buy milk or cheese from the store again.

So, here’s my plan for this year.

I’m milking two Nubian goats until sometime in October/November. When we put the buck in, I’ll quit milking. In the mean time, that gives me another four or five months to do something with about 5 gallons of milk a week.

I’ve yet to interest anyone in simply drinking milk, but all agree that when it’s mixed with something like pudding, it’s just great.

So you know… I always pasteurize our milk. I don’t have anything against folks who prefer it raw, but, being the milker, I know what lands in it.

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    Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014.
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