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We need your help… Private Property Legislation in Utah

After a long winter layoff, it’s back to work.

First order of business is… wait for it… asking you to help us get a piece of legislation passed.

Bet you weren’t expecting that. After all, farmers aren’t politicians. No, but we’re passionate individuals who can easily tell right from wrong, justice from injustice, and the over reach of government on a regular basis.

So here goes.

We (a group of Utah small farmers), are asking you to help us get “cow sharing” made legal again in Utah.

What’s “cow sharing”?

Simply put it’s when you share physical ownership of a cow with a few other people, and choose to have that cow boarded, fed, and milked by a third party, and to pay that individual for their work. It applies equally to other hooved animals,

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Celebrating National Agriculture Day

Ah spring! The time of “new”, of birth, of planting, of much more daylight…. and National Agriculture Day!

You’ve heard, no doubt, that there are many very important professionals you need in your life, from once to maybe a few times a year… but that you need a farmer three times a day… every time you sit down to a meal.

It’s probably more than that, considering all the byproducts that originate with some vegetable or animal matter.

Here’s what we’re doing to Celebrate National Agriculture Day.

We’re in the final hours of our Indegogo project. We’re doing that project for a few reasons.

  • We would really like to have the additional funding, to tie up loose ends.
  • We really want you invested in our business. It’s more important now than ever. If not our business, find a farmer in your area and invest in them.

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Good Press!

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve received some absolutely awesome press.

First we got a phone call from a lady wanting to do a phone interview. Now, I’m normally leery of phone interviews, as I’ve had some pretty poor results in a past endeavor. We were all here, and put her on speaker, so we could agree on our answers. That’s not hard to do, as we often finish each others sentences, or express identical ideas at the same time.

This interview was all about our hoop house experience.

Four Country Gals Make the Best of Desert Farming

We really appreciate that it was entirely accurate. The reporter, Sally Colby, really took care to get even every quote from Shari absolutely accurate.

One of the best things to happen, was that Shari was re-connected to a family she had lived with when she was four years old,

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FedEx Small Business Grant Competition: why we want to win

There’s another competition and we’ve been selected to participate. This one is the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition. It’s a national competition. That means the competition is stiff. With your consistent, daily vote through Feb 23, we have a good chance to be selected.

Our Grant request is very straight forward. We will use the funding to help  us purchase a piece of equipment that we shouldn’t need, but may very well be required to have. It’s a make or break for the project, as it’s more than  60% of our budget. There is  little way to save on  other stuff to allow us to purchase this.

Here’s the piece of equipment:

A 4 Gallon Legal Table Top Vat Pasteurizer for $3900

Chart Recorder   Table Top Vat Pasteurizer
  • A legal 4 gallon pasteurizer (3-A Approved) available with either 110V or 220V heating elements
  • Chart recorder with digital indicating thermometers,

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National Geographic is one of our favorite channels…

However, July 31, they are showing a program that is expected to critical of dairies, hog operations, and who knows what else. Yes, I’ll be watching it.

Here’s what you need to know.

NatGeo: Inside Secret America at 10pm ET.

As you watch this program, remember, the individual filming the actual dairies and hog operations is doing so without the owner knowing about it. He has been hired to work, not to film and record secretly.

From what I’ve seen, there are some pretty disturbing photos.

The usual topics, gestation crates get a segment. The care of piglets also are covered. Please,  when you see this clip, remember, this is one hog operation, and is not necessarily typical of all hog operations.

It appears there’s a segment about dehorning. Until you’ve been injured by an animal with horns,

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  • Goats helping photographer
    Hey, we'd love to help you take your pictures.
  • Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014
    Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014.
  • Cindy feeding Chaffhaye
  • working in the kitchen
    Bev recording milk weights, Shari stirring the Cajeta
  • The first two little doelings.
    The first two little doelings.
  • Mom with Thor
    Mom is cuddling our new buckling, Thor.
  • cargo trailer
    Our Farmer's Market cargo trailer.
  • Hand digging trench
    Shari pitches in and digs up broken water line.


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