Uh-oh… forgot to ask Mom how to make coffee!

It’s the end of the first week, and believe it or not, they’re still unpacking.

Cindy's RoomCindy has her room more or less in the order she wants it. With her computer set up, she and Shari are back in touch. Within the next week, Shari will turn control back to Cindy on all the programs they work. So that Cindy didn’t lose any continuity, she had given “admin control” to a few choice programs.

Bev's RoomBev’s room is still in a bit of a mess. She’s not sure exactly which way she wants her bed to face. Of course, that means nothing else has a place, either.

Mom’s room? Well it’s still a disaster. About all that’s been done in her area is to create a space for a computer. The bed isn’t set up yet, as Mom won’t be here for another month or so.

Mom’s bathroom hasn’t been unpacked either, as both gals are waiting to see if Mom is ok with her medicine cabinet. It’s rather small and pretty old fashioned. Seems kind of “old” for a house that was built in the mid-70’s.

They’ve kind of taken care of the more “important” things, like face the couch towards the TV, and set up the dining table in the kitchen. They’ve also sort of made way for fixing meals.

Neither of them are real “adventuresome” cooks, so Mac and Cheese works for a few times a week, as does Soup and Sandwiches or even TV Dinners.

The one thing they’ve had to figure out is coffee.

You see, the kitchen, including the morning coffee is within “Mom’s Domain”. That means neither one of them has ever really learned how to make coffee. Now, they have some idea in that their fancy coffee maker/grinder is more or less “goof-proof”.

You put the beans in one side. You put the water in the other side. You press the button that says “grind/brew”. That’s pretty simple… but how many beans for how much coffee?

Mom never told them that, or else, they never bothered to ask.

Let’s just say they drank some pretty awful coffee, from too weak to too strong for a week or so, until they finally got all “just right”.

Over the weekend, they continue to unpack, and try to figure out where things fit best. Little do they know what lies ahead as they really settle into their new home.

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2 comments on “Uh-oh… forgot to ask Mom how to make coffee!
  1. Kay says:

    Hi Shari! Thought I’d stop by to get caught up on the story. Can’t wait for more installments!


  2. MB says:

    Unpacking and getting organized does take time. I’ve been here 5 years and I am still arranging and re-arranging. I know I’m slacking. MB

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