And this little critter dug up the lawn

With the family more or less complete, Bev, Cindy and Mom settle in to prepare for the coming winter. Not knowing what to expect, they are laying in wood, and getting things put away and “winterized”, meaning extra insulation stuffed here and there, and “visquene” covering the large dining room window.

ChislerOther local “family members are also preparing for winter. Unfortunately, this little guy has chosen the front lawn as his “new domain”. Now, this little guy doesn’t know Cindy or Bev, or Mom, and has no idea exactly how they feel about green grass, and dirt mounds.

Cindy and Shari are chatting online when all of a sudden, Mom yelps. And when Mom yelps… it’s all hands on deck!

The ground is moving… out there, look… Every once in a while something is throwing dirt out onto an ever-growing mound.

What is it? Is it one of those protected prairie dogs? Is it a chiseler?

Never mind… it’s in our yard, and it’s making a mess… It has to go.

Plans are laid.

Here’s the deal… Cindy is the best shot, even though it’s been better than a year since she last fired her rifle. Cindy will sneak out the back door while Bev monitors the critter through the binoculars.

He doesn’t stick his head very far out of the hole for very long, so maybe Bev can help Cindy get a clean shot.

So, here’s Bev, looking through the binoculars, when all of a sudden “Pow!”. Bev is NOT a happy camper… Cindy’s managed to dispatch the critter with a single shot, while Bev saw more than she wanted.

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