And… here comes Mom!

Here comes Mom… and not a minute too soon!

The “girls” have now been “without her” for nearly two months. They’ve struggled with making “good coffee”… and Lord knows they’ve not been eating well. They’re idea of cooking is macaroni and cheese… or maybe no cheese.

Living RoomOf course, with Mom arriving, that means they really need to get their rears in gear and get things put away. With some really creative “unpacking”, and a nice full basement, they’re able to make the living room/dining room and kitchen look presentable for Mom.

Mom is flying into Cedar City, so that will be a short drive over the mountains. One thing I don’t think she expected, is the “tour of the USA”. Her flight takes her from Toledo, to Atlanta, to Salt Lake City, and finally into Cedar City. Luckily, the girls have arranged for “sky cap” service throughout her flight.

She’s pretty exhausted, so a quick stop at Arby’s to pick up dinner and they scoot out of town, heading west over the mountains shortly before sunset.

As Mom sees the valley for the first time, she begins to appreciate her “new life” way out in the country. Shortly after reaching the summit when you’re heading west, you can see for nearly 50 miles from one side of the valley to the other. Bev points out about where they live… just a speck of trees to the “other side” of that silver thingy (a big hay barn with a metal roof).

Now that Mom is here, it’s time to get her room livable. The bed is pretty much in place, the there are still boxes everywhere, and the room is still chocolate milk brown… not Mom’s favorite color.

A quick trip to the “local” hardware store, and they’ve got paint… a really pretty blue. Next, it’s off to Cedar City again to pick out wallpaper for the wall at the head of Mom’s bed.

Little Lamb BorderAnd then there’s that little strip from the wall to the ceiling. Cindy finds the cutest little lambs! Suppose that’s a “foretelling”?

From what Mom has told me… and I think I remember Cindy mentioning it… there were a lot of “bad words” exchanged as they put up the wallpaper and the “lamb” border. Cindy and Bev don’t argue much… but Cindy is the one with the “short fuse” and when things don’t go together right the first time… well, let’s just say she rear’s back and hit’s it harder.

Uh-oh, Mom’s still on “Ohio time”, so it’s up before the sun comes up. That’s ok. She adores sunrises, and listening to the birds sing. With the little “porch area” in front of the garage, she’s able to enjoy her tea for a few mornings, until it gets too cold to be out there.

Each day brings a totally unique style of sunrise, from highly colored to brilliant gold. All in all, Mom is so glad she’s finally home in Beryl, UT.

Does she miss her friends? Oh yeah, especially “Joey”. They’ve been “best buds” for years. They’ll keep in touch by phone and by snail mail.

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