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We Have Lambs For Sale Now!

It’s nearly fall and around here, that means it’s time for our lambs to go our customers. This year we 18 lambs. We’ll keep a couple to replace a breeder, and sell the rest. They’re approaching five months of age and weigh about 100 lbs.

Would you like to enjoy our incredibly tender, mild tasting lamb? Here’s how you can enjoy one.

You either have to live in Utah, or come to Utah to pick up your lamb once it’s cut and wrapped. We are selling you a live lamb, and we take it to D9 Custom Cuts in Paragonah as a courtesy to you. D9 processes your lamb to your specification.

This entire process is really easy.

  • You buy either a whole of half lamb. The whole is $200 and a half is $100.
  • We need full payment before the lamb leaves our premises.

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Hey Panera, there’s no antibiotics in meat, and farmers aren’t lazy

I read, then re-read Dairy Carrie’s blog about Panera Bread Company’s new marketing campaign. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I took time to go through the whole online video made by Panera.

I agree with Dairy Carrie, who is offended by the bold claims that the Panera Bread Company’s chicken, ham and turkey are special because they are “antibiotic free”. Hello! All meat must be completely free of antibiotics BEFORE IT CAN BE ENTERED INTO THE AMERICAN MEAT SUPPLY. That’s part of what we all pay the USDA for, to thoroughly inspect each and every carcass at the slaughter point.

I also agree with Dairy Carrie, who is offended by the implications that “farmers are lazy” if they have to use antibiotics, that the “road is hard” for folks who “do it right”.

Let me tell you a story about the hard road.

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When dogs attack penned sheep…

It’s a pretty ugly sight. I’m going to warn you straight up that some of the images and text are disturbing and graphic.

It’s now five days later. We’re still treating wounds, but I’m taking time out to tell our story both for other sheepherders and for dog owners.

Thursday,  June 27, 2013 Bev and I left the house for St. George about 7:15. We did so without checking the barnyard, as it was “all quiet” to the north of us.

Shortly after we left, Cindy went to check a young goat that had been off her feed, probably because of the high heat. She noticed our ram was standing outside his shelter and intently watching “his girls” through the two fences. He hasn’t really been paying much attention to them since moving into his bachelor pad.

Being an observant shepherd, Cindy followed his gaze and saw a problem.

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It’s the “Year of the Farmer”

So, what does that mean to the Four Country Gals?

To us, it couldn’t come at a better time. As we’re working our butts off to get ready for the market season, race to finish the hoop houses, dive into kidding and lambing, then planting the gardens, settling into the summer routine, it helps to know we have help with all-around marketing, through the “Farmer of the Year” campaign.

For example, take yesterday’s Super Bowl Ad, “So, God Created a Farmer.

God Created a Farmer Click to watch. Share and Dodge will donate to the National FFA (Future Farmers of America.)

We’re Chevy owners. Personally, I’m a Ford person. That ad was good enough to make me temporarily forget what trucks we drive, and want a new Dodge Ram. My Dad used to sell Dodges. I remember,

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Kidding season is upon us

Here it is, not even spring yet, and our first goats are ready to kid. I know, you’d think we smarter than to let animals breed so they have babies when it’s still in the dead of winter.

Well, actually, we are smarter than that. Unfortunately we have a delinquent doe who’s worse than a teenager with raging hormones. Last fall, she got tired of living in her pen with the buck that she grew up with. They had never bred in the previous two years, so we figured she was useless. In fact we were about to send her to the auction.

She and the buck had a terrible argument in the middle of August, and she literally kicked and chewed her way out of her house, squeezed through a tiny fence hole, and took up residence in the Pygmy goat pen. To make a long story short,

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  • Goats helping photographer
    Hey, we'd love to help you take your pictures.
  • Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014
    Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014.
  • Cindy feeding Chaffhaye
  • working in the kitchen
    Bev recording milk weights, Shari stirring the Cajeta
  • The first two little doelings.
    The first two little doelings.
  • Mom with Thor
    Mom is cuddling our new buckling, Thor.
  • cargo trailer
    Our Farmer's Market cargo trailer.
  • Hand digging trench
    Shari pitches in and digs up broken water line.


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