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An Awesome Book from an Unlikely Source

A few years back, we had some new neighbors come visiting. Nice family, who had scored a pretty good deal on an old homestead 4 or so miles from us. Around here, you’re a neighbor if you live within about 15 miles of us.

Turns out these neighbors have been pretty successful in their ventures, having transformed much of the old homestead into a small working farm.

This past spring, another new neighbor handed me a book to read. She said nothing about it except that she wanted me to have it, and to read it. She’s a bit of a prepper, so I figured by the title that it would be something about survival… and because it included “the death of the dollar”, I figured it would be a good idea to sit down and read it sooner, rather than later.

Crashed: The Death of the Dollar by William Cooper

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Want Raspberries? We’ll meet you half way

Know where Silver Peak Supply is located? It’ on Hwy 56 just over the mountains to the west out of Cedar City.

Four Country Gals will be selling the famous “Mile High Berries” from Shoal Creek Berries at Silver Peak Supply.

We expect to be there during the week with the exception of Wednesdays, as that’s our normal Downtown Farmer’s Market day.

So, tomorrow, Sept 11, I will be sitting at Silver Peak Supply in Newcastle (right on Hwy 56) from about 10AM until I run out of berries. I expect to run out fairly soon, as I have only 5 flats to start.

Please… help me with these precious, luscious berries. I’ll have access to red, black, golden and kiwi raspberries, as well as blackberries.

To pre-order, call 435-868- three-zero-24 or drop an e-mail to we4gals at

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Folks, the Fire Danger is Extreme in Utah

wild fireOk, maybe if enough of us keep talking, we can help prevent more wild fires.

The fire danger in Utah and the surrounding states is EXTREME and beyond. That means do not use an open flame anywhere outside. Do not use ANYTHING that can create a random spark outside.

To those of you who don’t know what can create a spark… I’ll spell it out.

Don’t shoot a gun for ANY REASON. I know you have rights… but you don’t have a right to start a fire, and a bullet ricocheting off a rock or piece of metal can spark a fire that will smolder 100’s of yards from where you are and long after you leave.

Skip ALL legal and illegal fireworks this year. They cause fires… Enough said!

Don’t drive your ATV or anything else through high grass or dry tumbleweed.

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    Coco's little calf born July 30, 2014.
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