Meet “Mom”, Cindy, Bev, and Shari


Mom with Thor

Mom is cuddling our new buckling, Thor.

“Mom” is actually Cindy’s Mom. She’s truly “the matriarch” of our little group. She considers the kitchen “her domain” for most of our meals. Once in a while she’ll let us fix a meal… but when you least expect it, she’ll be “supervising”.

We’re still trying to figure out when to use “tub butter” instead of stick margarine, or real butter. We’re sure she changes the rules just to keep us off balance.

In a past lives, she has owned a “fish house” on Lake Erie, been the director of the Senior Center on Put-In-Bay, and loved to house sit for islanders who left the island for the winter.

Mom spoils us rotten, making sure the coffee is made before we’re all out of bed, waits on us incessantly, and makes sure we’re all well taken care of.



Cindy getting ewe love

Cindy’s getting ewe love.

Cindy is the hardest worker around here. She’s in charge of the aquaponics project, the rabbits, the chickens (what Mom doesn’t do), and helps the rest out wherever she’s needed.

In past lives, she has been a commercial pilot, flying folks and stuff to and from Put-In-Bay, Ohio. She’s also a retired police officer and Dock Master. She also found time to raise a very fine son, who’s still at Put-In-Bay, working as an assistant winemaker.







Bev on tractor

Bev running our John Deere.

Bev, is our cancer survivor who drives school bus for the Washington County School District and helps around our farm. She’s also the “head carpenter” here at the farm.

Bev is also in charge of all admin, paying the bills, tracking the sheep and goat lines, as well as keeping up with the Organic System Reporting.
In past years, she worked as an architect’s assistant, and had a long career in law enforcement, eventually rising to the position of “Acting Chief of Police”, Put-In-Bay, Ohio.





Learning to milk

Shari showing a young boy how to milk a goat.

Shari is the newcomer to the group. She and Cindy met several years ago, when Shari had written an e-book, which Cindy purchased. They soon discovered they were like the sisters neither one had. When Shari needed a change of scenery, shortly after everyone else, she joined the  group, making it Four Country Gals.

In past lives, she was a Marine officer (during Viet Nam). She playfully says she was the “Chief Party Animal” as her jobs were Food Service and Club Officer. She spent most of her life working in food in one manner or another, eventually owning a USDA inspected rabbit processing plant.

In 2010, she underwent open heart surgery and had her heart rebuilt, including a new aortic valve, a mitral valve repair and a Cox-Maze IV procedure to correct an electrical problem, which was causing atrial fibrillation.

Three years later, she feels like a teenager again, and is even losing all the extra pounds she’s carried for 30 years.

Her jobs on  the farm include being in charge of the “dirt”. She is building the soil from highly eroded, weed-laden sand into productive sandy loam, so we can continually improve our Certified Organic Garden.

She also milks the goats, and will soon be making Cajeta, a sweet, Mexican caramel sauce, that is hugely popular with Latinos, and foodies. The girls will be building a commercial kitchen on the farm, so they can produce the Cajeta, as well as other products.

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