Chafffhaye, a new way to feed animals on small farms and ranches.

Four Country Gals is becoming the first SW Utah dealer for Chaffhaye, a revolutionary way to feed ruminants and other small animals.

Chaffhaye is produced in Dell City, TX, about 70 miles east of El Paso. That area is much like this valley, high and dry. The good news is they saw a need and are filling it.

[embedyt][/embedyt]With six very consistent cuttings per year, they are able to take their alfalfa from the field to the finished package within four hours of being cut. It’s fermented for two weeks before being sent to the customer. They add a small amount of molasses to provide the necessary sugar for all the beneficial bacteria… bacteria which helps to pre-digest the nutrients, making them far more available and useful than dry cut alfalfa.

We’re jumping in as dealers because we see a need.

Here in the Escalante Desert Valley, we are surrounded by 600 acre alfalfa circles. There are farmers in this valley who have been farming it for nearly 100 years. They make decisions based on regional markets, not local ones. They have to do what they have to do to survive, too. So, no hard feelings. It’s all just business.

Here’s what’s in it for y’all… (that’s southern for everyone who has to feed a couple of horses, or a few goats, or feeder lambs, etc)

Hopefully, by July 1, this year, you’ll see a great big 18 wheeler pulling a flatbed full of palleted Chaffhaye. It comes on pallets, 40 50# bags, which are compressed and vacuum sealed. We will  be receiving six of the 24 pallets on the truck, as our initial shipment.

Here’s the really awesome news. Chaffhaye has an unopened shelf life of at least 16 month, even when stored outside in the weather, hot or cold, wet or dry. As long as the bag is not open, or has holes in it… your product is protected.

Our main  focus on this dealership is to help our fellow farmers and small ranchers. We’re not out to make a killing, so look for it to be priced reasonably. We haven’t established a final price yet, but look for it to be very cost-effective when compared to baled alfalfa.

You may contact us on Facebook, or give us a call at Four Country Gals to pick up your Chaffhaye.

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