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working in the kitchen

Bev recording milk weights, Shari stirring the Cajeta

Our commercial kitchen is complete, has passed inspection and has become Utah Dept of Ag Certified. Along with that, our milk barn was certified, so we’re now milking a half dozen darling does, and producing batches of our ooey-gooey, udderly addictive, love in the jar, Traditional Mexican Cajeta.

This goat milk based caramel sauce will make any dessert out of this world, crazy good.

Here’s what we’ve done to bring you this awesome sauce.

First, we had to develop our goat herd. We’ve been working on this for the past 3 years, finally getting the point where we have enough goats to provide us milk on a regular basis. We’re developing our own line of Alpine/Nubian cross goats, maintaining a high fat content while improving on overall milkability, and quantity of milk. We personally smell and taste each goat’s output daily.

Our milk is sweet, pure white, odorless, smooth, creamy goodness.

Next, to be able to produce our Traditional Mexican Cajeta, we had to build a commercial kitchen. While researching the requirements, we chose the commercial kitchen route, as it would open more doors, and allow us to market nation-wide, and even internationally, if we choose.

So, we four old gals got busy and creative. Bev designed a commercial kitchen that would eventually be built inside a 20×8′ storage container. It’s just the right size… built like the very efficient galley kitchens reminiscent of railroad days. Bev and Cindy (with the help of a couple of neighbors) built the kitchen, insulating, and installing washable wall panels, ceiling and floor tiles. We hired plumbers to take care of the water in and out.

Just in time, all the equipment arrived, we got it all cleaned up, and met our June 1 deadline.

Since then, Shari has been producing our ooey-gooey, udderly addictive concoction two to three times a week.

Traditional Mexican Cajeta

10 oz, 7 oz, or 5 oz, it’s all ooey-gooey, udderly addictive, love in the jar!

So, here are several ways you can get our Traditional Mexican Cajeta.

If you’re local in Southern Utah, we sell it at our farm in Beryl, UT. You’re always welcome to come here at reasonable hours (9AM to 7PM) and purchase directly from us.

If you feel that’s a bit of a drive (about 50 miles out in the country), you can find us at the Cedar City Year Round Farmer’s Market held at the IFA on S. Main in Cedar City. You’ll also find our Cajeta at the Zion Canyon Farmers Market. We’re represented there by Marti the “Jam Lady”. She very graciously sells our product for us there as well as all her other incredible jams.

You live far away? We ship!

You can go to our merchant portal at opensky.com/fourcountrygals, where we’re always running some kind of promo pricing. You do need to register, but it’s free… and it’s a good deal. They give you a $10 credit to jumpstart your shopping experience. When you connect with us, you get a heads up for everything we’re selling there. We generally ship within just a couple of days, preferring to ship on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Not keen on merchant portals? Go to CajetaLoversUSA.com. That is our own store site. You’ll notice it looks pretty expensive, but we’ve included shipping into the prices, so it’s truly one-stop, one price. You can pay with your credit card, using our PayPal payment center.

There you have it… the short story of how we’re doing, and how you, too, can enjoy our ooey-gooey, udderly addictive, love in the jar, Traditional Mexican Cajeta. Be sure to let us know you read this post. We’ll love you for it.

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  • working in the kitchen
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